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Monument Advisor

The industry’s first flat-fee variable annuity.

Designed to deliver value to RIAs, fee-based advisors and investors.

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Flat Fee
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Lower fees, greater accumulation

$96,650 Less Fees

This hypothetical illustration is based on a contract size of $224,355 (our average contract size), Monument Advisor's $20/mo fee, M&E fees of 1.35% for the average variable annuity (source: Morningstar® 12/12), and an assumed growth rate of 6%. Estimated annual savings and accumulation assume the contract value grows at the assumed growth rate, and excludes any differences in underlying fund charges. The values shown do not reflect the deduction of underlying fund charges. If included, the values would be lower than those shown. Please compare the fees charged by underlying funds in your current annuity versus those charged by Monument Advisor prior to purchasing Monument Advisor.

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Our powerful Account Management platform allows you to build models according to your strategies and manage them easily, with minimal clicks.

To support your firm growth, we reached out to industry experts to learn practical, proven strategies in which Monument Advisor helps deliver greater value to their clients.


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Integration and Account Management

You want a clear look across all your investments in one place. No data entry. No complications. We provide automated asset and account aggregation through DST FanMail, DST Vision, DTCC and NSCC.

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Fee Management

Our breakthrough fee management tool gives you the power to handle your management fees the way you want. Set it up once and forget it, or take a more active approach.

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