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MAX: Calculate tax-deferral benefits. Compare annuity costs. Be wowed.

Tax Deferral Cost Comparison Calculator

Monument Advisor’s flat-insurance fee harnesses the true power of tax-deferral—making it possible to outperform tax-inefficient investments in taxable accounts1 and often outpacing traditional high-cost VAs.2 The benefit? Consumers may accumulate more and possibly generate more retirement income, leaving a larger legacy for their heirs.

See tax-deferral’s true power for yourself by comparing the performance of a taxable account versus a tax-deferred one:

  1. Go to our Tax Deferral Comparison Calculator.
  2. Simply enter distribution assumptions, time horizon, tax rates and portfolio type—conservative, moderate, aggressive, active or custom.
  3. See the accumulated value at distribution age, after-tax income generated while keeping pace with inflation during retirement years, any accumulated values that can be left to beneficiaries, and rate of return comparing after tax cash flows.

“Test the True Power of Tax Deferral” determines whether tax-deferral can potentially help clients enhance tax-efficiency, accumulate more, generate more retirement income, and leave a larger legacy.


Variable Annuity Cost Comparison Calculator

It’s astounding what happens to a Variable Annuity when you substitute an affordable, flat-insurance fee for all those heavy fees and pricey commissions. Suddenly you’re left with a very attractive tax-deferred investment vehicle—a vehicle ideally designed to maximize retirement income or help avoid asset-eroding fees found in traditional variable annuities.

The typical Monument Advisor client saves an average of over $2,500 in insurance fees the first year with our flat-insurance fee VA.3 Find out how much your clients might save in three easy steps:

Fire up the “Annuity Comparison Calculator,” which uses up-to-date Morningstar data to compare Jefferson National's Flat-Insurance Fee VA to every other variable annuity in the marketplace — more than 1,400 products from 121 issuing companies.

  1. Fire up the Variable Annuity Comparison Calculator.
  2. Get side-by-side comparisons of the fee savings of Monument Advisor vs. any other VA out there — swiftly, accurately, automatically.
  3. See how the savings could add to the growth of a portfolio and what the break-even period could be if any surrender fees are applied.
“The real power of a tax-deferred VA with a flat-insurance fee is what it means over the long run — more money for retirement, or for future generations, or to pass on to charity. With Jefferson National, we’ve got clients saving tens of thousands more each year.”
— Brendan T. Conry, ChFC, CLU, Founder and Principal Conry Asset Management, LLC and Investment Advisor Representative, Commonwealth Financial Network