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A Variable Annuity Built for Tax-Efficient Investing

Tax deferral? Check.
380+ investment options? Check.
Powerful technology platform? Check.

Historically, the supply of smart tools available to advisors to effectively manage their clients' assets has been woefully thin. What can you do with all those "tax-ugly" assets like bond funds, REITs, alternatives, and other classes that generate ordinary income or short-term capital gains? Qualified plans like IRAs and 401(k) s have low contribution limits that HNW investors easily max out. Variable annuities typically cost too much and offer insufficient investment options. Enter Monument Advisor. The VA built for tax-efficient investing. Consider this:

  • No M&E charge (just a flat-fee of $20/mo) lets clients take advantage of the compounding benefits of tax deferral without high costs eroding them.
  • 380+ investment options from over 40 fund families, funds loaded with tax-inefficient options
  • No surrender period or surrender charges. Welcome to fully liquid assets.
  • A powerful technology platform is your delivery system. Enables creation and management of model portfolios, delivers mass transaction capabilities, and is ideally designed for RIAs and fee-based advisors.

Give us your bonds, your alternatives, your "tax-ugly" assets yearning to be freed.

  1. Strategy #1: Create your own portfolio of tax-inefficient funds
    Using our powerful technology platform and robust fund selection, create model portfolios for you clients.
    - MANAGE clients in groups rather than individually.
    - INTEGRATE into your existing portfolio technology.
    - SET UP automatic fee withdrawals.
  2. Strategy #2: Use a Third Party Investment Advisor
    If you currently work with a TPIA, our technology platform will oblige. It supports the need for multiple managers (from access to account management) and for automated fee withdrawal.
  3. Strategy #3: Use a JNF Allocation Model powered by CAPTRUST
    The JNF Allocation Models powered by CAPTRUST Institutional Research were built to meet the varying needs of your clients. Get unprecedented access to CAPTRUST's research capabilities for just 50 bps.
Register for access to all the tax-inefficient funds available within Monument Advisor AND begin building your own portfolio of tax-inefficient funds.